Guided London Walks & Visits

Guided London Walks & Visits

The duration of a guided walk or a guided visit is usually 2 hours when you will have history, art and architecture come alive with my storytelling.

If you have a special interest, please contact me to request a tailor-made tour:

Guided London VISITS

  • The British Museum Highlights - The Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, the Egyptian mummies, the Sutton Hoo treasures, the Assyrian lion hunt reliefs and so much more


  • The Ancient Olympics in the British Museum - experience a special guided tour about the original Olympics in Ancient Greece. How did the Olympics begin and how did they differ from modern day Olympic Games? 


  • Hampton Court Palace- Henry VIII and his 6 wives, Henry VIII's great medieval hall and the Tudor kitchen, the Chapel Royal and the beautiful Stuart gardens next to the river. This year (2015) Hampton Court Palace commemorates 500 years since its foundation by Cardinal Wolsey.


  • The National Gallery - Highlight paintings by Constable, Da Vinci, Monet, Rubens, Turner, Van Dyck, Van Gogh & others. Get to love some of the greatest paintings in the world


  • St Paul's Cathedral - designed by the architect Sir Christopher Wren with the magnificent dome, resting place of Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.  


  • Tate Modern - Picasso, Miro, Matisse & many other modern artists in the biggest museum of modern art in the world 


  • The Tower of London - Fortress and royal castle with the Crown Jewels, the Yeoman Warders, the Ravens and famous executions 


  • Westminster Abbey - Wedding venue of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on 29 April 2011. I commented on the royal wedding for national Danish television TV2 from a studio in front of Buckingham Palace. You can book me for a guided highlights tour. History written in stone, coronation church, the grave of the Unknown Soldier, Poet's Corner.


  • Chiswick House - neo-Palladian architecture and the birth of English landscape gardens


  • The Florence Nightingale Museum- the moving and inspiring story about the woman, who invented modern nursing

Guided London WALKS


  • Canary Wharf - the history of the docks, skyscrapers, from trade to financial industry, modern town planning, Museum of Docklands, Crossrail 


  • Charles Dickens - The Dickens House Museum, Gray's Inn, Staple Inn, Furnivals Inn, Smithfield, Newgate Prison, travel back in time to Victorian London in the life and the stories of Dickens.


  • Jack the Ripper - Visit the scenes of horrible murders in the Autumn of Terror in 1888 in Whitechapel, get to know the victims and the possible suspects in the greatest unsolved crime case ever


  • The City of London - The Romans, The Great Fire in 1666, WWII, Leadenhall Market, Harry Potter, The Gherkin, Lloyds of London, The Bank of England


  • Royal London and The City of Westminster - Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guards Parade, 10 Downing Street, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey 


  • The Literary Bloomsbury - Walk in the footsteps of Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Lytton Strachey, John Maynard Keynes, George Orwell, T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Yeats and J.M. Barrie


  • The South Bank - The London Eye, The Royal Festival Hall, The National Theatre, the skateboard venue, The Tate Modern, The Globe, William Shakespeare © 2009-2016